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Our Factory First Anniversary On 11th September 2018


Published by July 17,2020

Our Factory First Anniversary On 11th September 2018


All staff got on outdoor activiies at Shunliao Bay when our factory first anniversary on 11th September 2018.

We were bathing in the sun and enjoying ourselves. Our colleagues were swimming in the sea.

I though we could surfing in the sea if we had surfboat that will be a fantastic thing! The sea and sky is blue, what a beautiful view.

We saw a ski boat in fast speed on the sea. In my opinion, that is a excited water sport like surf. We ate seafood in the afternoon. It is a delicious food! We have taken a rest on the yacht. I looked around ,then saw the deck boat flooring if replace our product is perfect! Is worth trying it.

We came back the company then ate cake. Happy birthday to our company! Hope you have a good business in marine flooring industry in the near future!


Best regard!


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