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NASA Curiosity Detector finds strange pebbles on Mars


Published by April 14,2022

NASA Curiosity Detector finds strange pebbles on Mars


According to foreign media CNET, NASA's Curiosity Detector recently traveled to a potential drilling site, where it discovered a number of beautiful Martian landscapes, including the fascinating round cobblestone collection. Some of the smaller and grayer pebbles look like round peas.


Software engineer Kevin M. Gill processes the data for NASA and processes the space image, which provides a cobblestone image with enhanced color that really helps the grayer stones stand out.


The original images of Curiosity on March 23 and 24 show these rocks from different perspectives. The Curiosity team is working on these pebbles to learn more about their chemical composition.


Some of the "blueberry" coagulum discovered by the Opportunity Rover in 2004 proved to be rich in hematite. According to NASA, these pellets may be "condensates formed in submerged sediments"




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