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3M Company


Published by April 14,2022

3M Company


3M's full name, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing), founded in 1902, is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. It is a world-renowned multinational company with diverse products and is recognized as the world's first tape industry. 


In 1930, 3M engineer Richard Drew invented the Sco ® brand fiber tape, which was later named Glass Tape. For the early American department stores, bakers, etc., the packaging closure has become simple.


3M China Co., Ltd. was incorporated in China in November 1984 and has a history of 33 years. It is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China established outside 3M898, with more than 570 million US dollars in

3M898. 3M has established 13 companies, eight production sites, 21 offices, three technology centers, and a research and development center in China with more than 4,800 employees.


3M Company

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