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Kayak History


Published by April 14,2022

                                              Kayak  History


The kayak originated from a boat made by Eskimos on Greenland, which wraps whale skin and mink leather on a bone shelf and paddles with paddles at both ends. Rowing boats originated in Canada, so they are also known as Canadian rowing boats. In fact, both types of boats have evolved from canoes, so some countries and regions in Southeast Asia, such as Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Hong Kong, and Macao, call kayaks a canoe.


Modern kayak was born in 1865, and Scotsman McGregor used the canoe as a blueprint to create the first kayaking Nobu Noi. In 1866 he founded the Royal Kayak Club and held his first kayak competition. In January 1924, it was initiated by Denmark, Sweden, France and Austria, and the International Rowing Federation was established in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the same year, a rowing exhibition was held during the 8th Olympic Games. In the 11th Olympic Games in 1936, kayaking began as an official Olympic competition.



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