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The best marine flooring for your boat deck


Published by November 13,2023

If marine carpets and teak wood flooring are common used on yacht interiors, for boat decks that are constantly exposed to harsh natural elements like sun, salt, and fish blood, you need more practical materials. That's why it is important to choose a flooring that can withstand the harsh conditions at sea while providing you with comfort.


Some popular marine deck materials on the market include: vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, PVC flooring, foam flooring, etc. Each of these materials has its benefits, but marine foam flooring will be your best choice, and here's why.


Reliable and non-slip

A good marine deck flooring should allow you to relax and enjoy your time without having to worry about your footing even when the sea is rough. Compared to other types of boat flooring, such as vinyl flooring, marine foam flooring gives you a stable grip even when wet.



For those who love water sports, the decks of boats are constantly exposed to sunlight, and UV rays are one of the harshest natural elements. Marine foam flooring is UV resistant and will not be damaged even in direct sunlight. You won't see it fade or lose its properties over time. While marine carpet, PVC flooring and rubber flooring are not UV resistant and cannot resist sunlight damage.


Heat resistant

EVA marine foam is a closed-cell structure that dissipates heat and prevents overheating even on sunny days. Compared to traditional fiberglass and aluminum decks, you can comfortably walk barefoot on your baot deck, even in hot weather, marine foam flooring allowing you to maximize your leisure time on the water.


Easy to clean

After you enjoy a fishing or party time with family and friends at sea, fish blood, drinks, debris, and other dirt may be left on your boat deck. To clean foam boat flooring, all you need is water, soap, and a brush. EVA foam is anti-bacterial and non-absorbent, making it easier to maintain the appearance of your deck. For marine carpet, even it is cleaned regularly, it will retain dirt and bacteria that can lead to rot and poor appearance over time.


Customized look

In addition to functionality, the appearance of a boat deck cannot be ignored. While other marine flooring, such as PVC flooring, has limited color options, marine foam flooring is a highly customizable material. You can create your own unique boat flooring by customizing its colors, patterns and logos.


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