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The world's largest sport fishing boat——406


Published by November 20,2023

Royal Huisman launches Project 406, the world's largest sport fishing boat, with a total hull length of 52 meters/171 feet. It's as suitable for high-end sport fishing as it is for luxury living.


Commissioned by an experienced yacht owner and passionate fishing enthusiast and designed by Dutch studio Vripack, Project 406 is the most customizable, refined, well-designed and impressive truly sporty supercar in the world. Fishing boat with all the amenities you would expect from a superyacht.


Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman said of the project: "It's no secret that the Royal Huisman team enjoys nothing more than the opportunity to tackle new engineering challenges, especially if they come in the form of unique project concepts.”


Vripack co-creative director Bart M Bouwhuis added: “This was a special mission". “The result is an extraordinary vessel. It has the true proportions of a typical American sport fishing boat with its long, flared bow, mixed with the harmonious feel of a luxury superyacht. It is a very large vessel with ultra-streamlined curves ship shape, it’s realized on a grand scale.”


Project 406 was carefully designed and efficiently built by a shipyard team of more than 350 independent experts and highly qualified co-manufacturers. Ahead of its final transport, imminent launch and trials, testing of most onboard systems and other innovative technological devices is now nearing completion.