EVA Marine Sheet

EVA Marine Sheet

Self Adhesive Boat Deck Carpet
Self Adhesive Boat Deck Carpet

Self Adhesive Boat Deck Carpet

Product Specification:
  • Type: EVA Marine Sheet
  • Brand Name: Mingrui
  • Model Number: MR-MSSB12005
  • Material: EVA foam material
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  1. Product Details

Product Description:




Whose Choose Us:


1. Our Materials: Original, UV Protection EVA raw material.


 Other Materials: Some EVA foam sheets with low price on the market are made of recycled foaming materials, such as black color.



2. Adhesive: Mingrui  developed upgraded self-adhesive according to different hardness, density and lamination of EVA materials, which have no wrinkle, strong

adhesive, unique and highly cost effective.








1. What is the largest sheet material.

A: 1200mmx2400mm is the largest sheet material we offer.


2.Q: How do I cut the pads?

A: You use a razor knife or box cutter. Make sure you have a new blade, and if you are making a lot of cuts, you may need to change the blades a few times.


3. Q: Can I have a custom size?

A: Absolutely, if  you supply us a templates or CAD drawings for any item you want. If the product you want is simply rectangular shape, like a helm pad or coaming bolster, give us the dimension or a sketch of what you want.


4.Q: Can I customize the logo for my flooring kit?

A: Yes, leave us the message for more information.


5.Q: How are this Marine Deck pads applied?

A: Our heavy duty, shock absorbing marine pads have a self-adhering backing. You just peel and stick on.


6. Q: How do I clean this EVA pad ?

A: Just use water torch can easy washing.


7.Q: How long dothis marine Deck pads last?

A: That depends on whether the boat is stored indoors or on the water. Normally five to seven years is average.







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